Painting by Shara Liou

Jordan Butcher is an Art Director and designer.

He’s best known for mixing clean typography atop gritty and disintegrated images, often macabre in nature, with the occasional splash of bright color. He’s got a passion for telling stories through design. He likes his whiskey expensive, his cigars Dominican, and his denim heavyweight. He respects Black Metal and Top 40 the same. He worships the tiny details more than most. He’s been featured in countless design publications and has a Grammy Awards nomination for best packaging. His clients include Universal Records, Microsoft, Relativity Media Group, Dreamworks, CC Filson, AEG Live, and more.

Filson Might As Well Have The Best

Filson is a Seattle-based outdoor apparel company founded in 1897. Tasked with updating the brand after acquisition, the goal was to bring Filson into the current century with special attention to design for a new generation of customer. Creative Direction by Partners & Spade, Maurizio Donadi, and Stephen Zhang. Art Direction by Danny Harmon.

No New Kinda Story

Created, produced, and art directed this massive five year project to catalog Tooth & Nail Record’s history in print and film. Researched, created, designed, and compiled a 270+ page coffee table book with duotone photographs and metallic inks thru-out, along with author Ben Bishop. Produced and art directed a full length feature documentary with film director Jesse Bryan.

Logitech UE #LiveForMusic

Social media campaign for Logitech Ultimate Ears consumer product push. Photography by Bliss Braoudakis & Nathan Young. Creative direction by Stephen Christian.

Fugitive Recordings It’s A Fugitive Record

Fugitive Recordings is a very small independent record label in Seattle, WA. Despite being active for almost 10 years, the label is very selective about releases. Updated the label’s look to coincide with the signing of a new artist. The rebrand included a fully responsive website.

Noah Gundersen Ledges

Album packaging for Seattle-based, Dualtone artist Noah Gundersen. Uncoated stock thru-out. Also features “miniature” version of the same style packaging for the CD.

Thrice Major / Minor

Album packaging for Vagrant Records artists Thrice. Metallic inks on uncoated stock thru-out. The year prior to the band recording Major / Minor was, in their words, simultaneously the hardest and best year of their lives on a personal level. They described it as a blur, and wanted the artwork to reflect the feeling of losing control while communicating the duality or high highs (Major) and low lows (Minor).

Rosetta The Anaesthete

Album packaging for independent, Philadelphia-based Experimental Metal band Rosetta. Conceptually the album conveys music as a therapeutic way to cope with something terrible, hence The Anaesthete. Photography by Renee McMahon, logo by Ryan Clark.

Relativity Music Group Various Packaging

Over 30 print and digital soundtrack packages for Relativity Music Group and Relativity Media Group.

Underoath Ø (Disambiguation)

Packaging for the final album for Solid State Records artist Underoath. Metallic inks on uncoated stock and translucent vellum thru-out. Included a remix EP pressed on 10″ clear vinyl with a moon etching on side b. Digipak artwork had to be adjusted for European release due to “seizure inducing” artwork.

Anberlin Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place

Album packaging for Universal Records artist Anberlin. Gatefold vinyl packaging featuring 180 gram black vinyl, tri-color seven inch with screen printed cover, six panel gatefold CD packaging with 16 page booklet, special edition short documentary DVD with playable vinyl grooves cut into the top. Band photography by Parker Young, horse illustration by Michael Zavros.

Minus The Bear OMNI

Album packaging for seminal Seattle artist Minus The Bear. Pre-aged matte stock thru-out, clear plastic o-card with one color screen print, perforated stencil, colored sleeves, and 16 page booklet.

Various Logos

Identity work for various clients, 2010 – 2014.